Vulnerability in Presentation & Leadership

This video popped up on my Facebook feed so I surfed over to give it a view.  I am struck by a number of elements of presentation and leadership.
Obama’s humility and vulnerability are very much in evidence in this very informal and spontaneous talk to the young people who worked on his campaign.  Though I would coach him to:
  1. Use silence rather than all the heinous verbal filler.
  2. Keep his eye gaze up toward the audience rather than looking at the floor to gather his thoughts.
The talk shows how speaking with vulnerability from your heart can be extremely powerful.  I feel certain the audience was inspired by this talk.

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December 13, 2012

Daniel Kingsley @ 11:49 am #

I love this video and I agree that Obama’s humility and vulnerability allow him to build a really powerful connection with the people he’s speaking to. We care about people who are willing to let us in to their world.

I also agree that eye contact and silence are much preferable to looking down and verbal filler.

Keep up the good work!

March 7, 2014

Daniel Hasberg @ 12:53 am #

Definitly I feel inspired by all these articles. I have found some good advice that will help by my own presentation at the end of my education.

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