3 Simple Rules For Effective Teams

While Kathleen Eisenhardt with the Stanford Graduate School of Business speaks about how focusing on 3 simple rules is a signature of effective teams, the underlying thinking is a best practice for individuals, too.

How does this apply to our client’s world?  We coach clients to focus on 3 simple techniques on a daily basis.  A client might be focused on:

  1. Using silence instead of verbal filler.
    This principle applies to any moment when they are unclear about what to say next.
  2. Having a clear and simple Main Takeaway Sentence
    Whenever you speak, even extemporaneously in a meeting, you should have a clear, simple Main Takeaway Sentence and state it explicitly so people don’t miss it.
  3. Speaking with more energy and conviction.
    When you speak energetically you command more attention and project more confidence and charisma.  80 – 90% of professionals that I observe do not expend enough energy.  Hence, they come across as uninvolved, uninteresting, and unenthusiastic.
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