9 Great Ways You Can Make the Important Sound Interesting

We’re working now with a leader in our industry Patrica Fripp. Patricia has a thorough online / on demand set of modules for improving presentations and how you represent yourself.

Here are some tips from Patricia Fripp:

9 Great Ways You Can Make the Important Sound Interesting

All leaders, sales professionals, content experts, and ambitious professionals need to be good communicators. These nine suggestions will be helpful when you deliver important presentations and want them to sound interesting.

  1. People believe stories more readily than numbers or statistics. The hearer processes stories in three ways: intellectually, emotionally, and visually (visual aids and the speaker’s movements). Start with a story, and then use a statistic or visual to emphasize or elaborate the point.
  2. Remember the Who factor; audiences are people and they are interested in other people. Use stories about people, particularly heroes. Look internally and externally in the company for the stories of your own everyday heroes.
  3. Sound words build tension. Crack! (Was that lightning?) Build tension in the leadership message, and then break it or relieve it as a means of holding audience attention. We all love suspense.
  4. Smell and other sensory words also trigger the formation of memory. See,hear, smell, feel, taste what?
  5. Twist a phrase, “You can’t teach a young dog old tricks.” – Warren Buffet, billionaire, on why he consistently hires retirement-age managers rather than younger ones.
  6. Add interest to your speaking with alliteration, repetition, and rhythm.
  7. Statistics should be used sparingly and distilled. Startling numbers are effective.
  8. Quotes allow us to borrow the best that has been said or written. They can convey authority, brevity, relevance, humor, etc. Quotes get the human voice in your leadership message. Use contemporary quotes if possible. Be accurate. Use tone of voice to convey the quote, rather than saying “quote-unquote.” Edit quotes down to the meat. Paraphrase quotes that are longer than one or two lines.
  9. When discussing a big issue “Tell the story of the war through the eyes of one soldier.”

Patricia Fripp is a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Executive Speech Coach, Sales Presentation Skills Trainer, and Expert in Virtual Presentations. Become a great speaker easily, conveniently and quickly with http://www.frippvt.com

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