April Art of Presentation Workshop with The Henderson Group

April 9-10, 2015 in San Francisco with Terry Gault

Mastering Your Presentation Style

Building rapport with an audience and moving them to action requires the ability to confidently present information that convinces and engages even the most skeptical customer. This intensive work educates and motivates participants to deliver high-impact presentations.

Using interactive methods, rather than lectured instruction, participants cultivate a personal style – a style that gains the audience’s attention through confident composure and meaningful interaction. Through the Henderson Group’s unique and proven feedback model, participants receive immediate feedback from instructors, peers and videotape, enabling them to rapidly learn, reflect and improve their presentation skills.

The results of this work:

  • Competently present ideas and information to groups of people
  • Energize and persuade audiences using stories and metaphors
  • Effectively communicate with peers, superiors and customers
  • Move business objectives forward by quickly engaging with customers and colleagues and creating influence.

Specific Skills Mastered:

  • Using voice, gesture, movement, presentation structure, stories and metaphor for powerful presentations
  • Helping audiences learn through use of examples, associations and images
  • Turning fear into excitement through creative visualization
  • Structuring presentations for maximum impact
  • Engaging listeners and increasing audience attention span.


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