Art of Prezi: Sept. 2015 Workshop

Art of Prezi with Terry Gault in San Francisco, CA.

Prezi is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to stale and tedious slide-based presentation media.

Why? Because Prezi empowers users to seamlessly combine text, visuals, audio and video into a communication media that is more powerful, memorable, and dynamic than slides.

In addition, Prezi’s unique capability for users to employ movement, spacial relationship, and ‘big picture’ storytelling in a way that makes the message far more ‘sticky’ and easier to understand than slides.

In fact, a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal raises the possibility that slide-based presentations—and the difficulty people have remembering them—contributed to General Motors’ recent recall disaster.

Because of Prezi’s unique almost-cinematic capabilities, it also requires a new and different mindset than traditional slide-based media: one that is more holistic than simply repurposing old slides into a new ‘deck’.

You must begin by answering one key question: “What is my underlying message?” We call it the “Main Takeaway Sentence.” If you ask an audience member, “What did you take away from the presentation?” the hope is that they would reply with your Main Takeaway Sentence or a reasonable facsimile.

Then you need to ask: “What is the Central Theme of my presentation?” You will be confronted with that question because your message overview needs to express that theme visually in a Big Picture way that is not possible with slide-based media.

The Central Theme generally flows form a story or metaphor that illustrates your message in a way that captures and intrigues an audience.

Hence, you cannot begin to build your prezi without these key questions being answered. For all these reasons, building a great prezi require a greater investment of time and a better-rounded skillset which will generate radically improved results. TED got the power of Prezi early and invested in Prezi back in 2009.

In Art of Prezi, participants will learn how to:

  • Use Prezi’s capabilities to deliver compelling, highly memorable, and sticky messages.
  • Craft prezis that illustrate a key Main Takeaway Sentence through the seamless use of text, visuals, audio and video.
  • Author and deliver compelling stories that succinctly illustrate the value of their solutions or ideas.
  • Fashion a visually striking Central Theme that communicates your message on multiple levels.
  • Increase audience attention span and retention.
  • Structure presentations for maximum impact.
  • Deliver a prezi in front of an audience with power and Executive Presence.

About The Instructor: Terry Gault
As an early Prezilian and a recognized expert in communication and media, Terry Gault is uniquely qualified to lead this workshop.

Having joined the Henderson Group in 1997 he has trained thousands of professionals at Prezi (Yes, they are a client), GE, Oracle, eBay,, Charles Schwab, and other organizations both large and small. Terry has been responsible for delivery of all services at the Henderson Group since 2003.

He is also CEO and Artistic Director of a video production company.‘s message is: “We illustrate your complex solution in a simple, fun way so that anyone can understand it in 3 minutes or less.” Terry’s experience and success in coaching and video production flows from his 35-year career in film, television, radio and the theater as an actor, writer, teacher, director, and producer.

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