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The 80/20 Rule Is Dead–and That’s Not A Good Thing (2 of 2)

by Chuck Kuglen of The Henderson Group A tool from a company we’ve been watching of late (Accuvit) offers some interesting input about the “80-20” rule so often utilized by sales trainers. It’s related to anyone who uses the phone in their sales, business development, client contact, service, or post-consulting (well, most of us). First, a recent study suggests that the “80-20” rule, that you should get your customers to talk more than you (up...

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Success and Recognition

by Chuck Kuglen of The Henderson Group We often forget in communications, certainly I can say this as I’ve worked with even a couple billionaires who represent themselves (sometimes) as a bit more than they are, that being “too” good just does not work for anyone. Living in this time in the Bay Area, we all know tons of super successful (monetary-wise) people. Often, at least I’ve seen this, they represent themselves as a bit...

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The world’s most boring television … and why it’s hilariously addictive

by Chuck Kuglen of The Henderson Group I saw a post recently from one of the TedX events in Toronto. It’s from Thomas Hellum of Norway. Simply put, it’s curious, surprising, and motivating. And, it reflects so many principles that we teach and utilize in The Henderson Group. Some of those principles include: How critical it is not only to represent yourself well, but to allow your audience in to get involved in your story...

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Do your sales opportunities have a single point of failure? Triangulate!

Here’s a great read from Julie Thomas from Value Selling When a power outage occurs, entire infrastructures are knocked offline.  Communication becomes difficult,  businesses halt, and a difficult travel commute becomes near impossible. We wonder what the cause is: Is it the weather or is something more sinister taking place? It usually turns out to be a single point of failure. One small error that sets in motion a cascade of power outages across a huge region. Outages shouldn’t...

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3 Keys To Professional Success At Any Age

by Chuck Kuglen I was thinking about the many people in transition we meet. They come to us for help in how they represent themselves (their product, service, company, etc.). They also seek help connecting to new opportunities or jobs. I enjoyed this read and understand exactly about the “types” J.T. O’Donnell describes in her online article. Good solid read. Please let us know if you have any questions or needs around your own “representations” and where...

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The Millennials

by Chuck Kuglen Reading Time: 3 min, 10 seconds. Best article I’ve seen about the “Millennials” below.  I enjoyed it, but warn you that there are a lot of “how to use the carrot with Millennials” articles moving about. Do not read these articles with the view of “how to get them to do what you want them to do.” It is posted on LinkedIn by author Lydia Abbot. From “8 Millennials’ traits you should...

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Music in Communications

by Chuck Kuglen I’ve been contemplating how to incorporate more music in learning. It’s clear to me that music, for many, is as powerful as any other art form. It’s rare to see films that try to move or persuade without some soundtrack or theme song. Often more powerful than images, have you used music in your communications? Just think of the “energy” or feeling you get from some of these songs. Hear them in...

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Brene Brown on Vulnerability and Scarcity

by Chuck Kuglen Brene Brown, one of the highest rated and most popular TED speakers of all  time, studied shame, scarcity, and fear for over 6 years. She spoke to a social group I’m part of recently and Brene spoke about how those 3 issues lead to vulnerability (or not) in our personal and professional lives. Brene Brown’s talk was, for me,  one where she challenged each of us to better understand our own shame,...

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Great Sales Managers Work Like Minor League Coaches

by Chuck Kuglen We recently met with a Sales Consulting Manager (call him Ron) from one of our clients The story is interesting for me personally as I’d somewhat “pre-judged” Ron. I saw him as another “corporate ego type” that you often find in larger tech companies. They love to talk about how great they are. I think I was wrong about Ron. Instead I found a guy who has become a wonderful manager...

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The Complete Manager

by Chuck Kuglen We’ve all had “less than stellar” managers and this is why many leave their jobs.  You can fill in the blanks on what great or “complete” managers do. I saw 10 things recently in Talent Management Magazine article by Helene Lollis: In that article, Lollis said that “The Complete Manager is….. Credible An active follower An effective networker Skilled at giving and receiving feedback Attuned to corporate culture A proactive career planner...

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