Fun Applebees Campaign

by Terry Gault First, I am NOT a fan of Applebees restaurants.  The food is pretty mediocre and the whole pre-packaged-faux-local-cheerful-noisy vibe is not my style. And yet, I LOVE the cheesy and fun feel of this video campaign.  Something worth emulating …

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Video converts: 46% increase in conversion rate

Through his website, personal trainer Carl Juneau teaches men the best ab exercises for getting six pack abs. Carl heard his top competitor doubled his sales after he started to use video to market and demonstrate his products so he decided to use Visual Website Optimizer to test video on this website. Carl carried out three split tests which conclusively proved that videos increased conversions on his website by as much as 46%. Read...

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“Thus, was born.”

by Terry Gault A client asked me to make a short video illustrating the value of their software product that automated an antiquated and inefficient hospital workflow.  After about a nano-second debating whether I could produce said video, I said, “Sure!” For those who know my work as a presentation/communication coach and trainer with The Henderson Group, this leap of faith may appear to be overreaching hubris, self-indulgence, or perhaps a career non-sequitur.  So, why...

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The Hottest New Job in Public Relations: Chief Content Officer

Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post by Greg Matusky Gregory FCA Communications I’m going to make a call. In three to five years, a new member of the C-suite will emerge. He or she will work shoulder to shoulder with CMOs and CEOs. The job description will look nothing like we have ever seen. They will be called chief content officer.  Their purpose will be to originate and share a constant stream of information...

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What can a wacky auto dealer commercial teach us about public speaking?

One of my old acting buddies, Matteo Troncone, posted this video on Facebook. It’s an ad he shot for a local auto dealer in San Francisco. I am confident his video was edited heavily for the client. But even if the off-the-cuff remarks were not used in the final video, his willingness to improvise wildly infused his style with so much fun and humor that it simply HAD to come out in the final product....

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Favorite commercials during the Super Bowl

I am a big fan of “30 Rock” on NBC and think that Alec Baldwin is hysterical on the show. He is channeling the same character for this commercial for Hulu, my favorite during the Super Bowl. In this ad for Bud Light (a close second), Conan O’Brien demonstrates the power of being willing to make a fool of one’s self. Bridgestone uses a common cultural reference, Mr. Potato Head in a truly ingenious way.

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