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Powerful Communication Techniques

10 ways to have a better conversation Celeste Headlee is a radio host on Georgia Public Radio, Public Radio International, and WNYC.  She has some great advice on how to have great conversations with people. The only disclaimer I feel compelled to make is in regards to her statement that repeating “back what you just heard or summarize it … is crap.” I say that because the most powerful communication technique that I have learned...

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Inspiration trumps clicks

I was very proud of the work of my client, Peter Arvai, the CEO of Prezi. Peter delivered a meaningful talk at the Bits & Pretzels conference in Germany in late September 2015. The video is embedded below. Notice the presentation best practices that Peter models during the talk: He opens with a compelling personal story that incorporates all the elements of good storytelling: Characters, conflict, dialogue, high stakes, and a big helping of personal...

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Xamarin Evolve 2014 keynote exemplifies best practices beautifully!

by Terry Gault of The Henderson Group I had the honor of working with CEO Nat Friedman in helping craft the Keynote for Xamarin’s 2014 Evolve conference. After the opening video from a Xamarin customer Thermo Fisher Scientific, (at the 4:15 point) Nat Friedman opens with a terrific opening hook: “He doesn’t know I am going to do this but my dad is in the audience today.” He then goes on to tell a story...

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What The Heck Should I Do with My Hands?

by Terry Gault This question often comes up in my conversations with clients. Speaking in front of a group of people, it’s easy to feel exposed and self-conscious—which tends to exacerbate any anxiety we may feel about how we represent ourselves or how we feel about the strength of our content. The main goal is learning to be self-aware (so that we know how we are representing ourselves) and can make choices in the moment....

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