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Sympathy vs. Empathy: Which helps build connection?

by Terry Gault of The Henderson Group The Henderson Group delivers several workshops focused on creating dialogues with customers, partners, co-workers, family and friends. Complete Communicator Mastering TeleSales Consultative Communication Consultative Selling In all of them, the distinction between Empathy and Sympathy is important.  One helps build connection, rapport and trust.  The other creates disconnect and, possibly, resentment. This 2:53 video by Brene Brown reveals which works … and which doesn’t. photo credit: Sean MacEntee

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Offer Empathy, Not Sympathy

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Denise Green of Brilliance Inc. How do You Handle the Dark Truth? When you have something private and emotionally powerful weighing on you, who do you go to? Hopefully you have someone in your life you can tell almost anything to. One way to assess how good a leader, friend, partner, or coach you are is to gauge how much truth people share with you. I’m lucky...

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Vulnerability Improves Audience Perceptions

by Terry Gault In the middle of Maureen Dowd’s column about the recent kerfuffle in the news about the Hillary Clinton bio-pic with Diane Lane and the documentary slated for production by CNN directed by Charles Ferguson, there are two paragraphs that highlight the impact of vulnerability on audiences. You need look no further than “The Queen” — Helen Mirren’s Oscar-winning turn as Queen Elizabeth — to see how reputations can be burnished. After Princess Diana’s...

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Brene Brown on Vulnerability and Scarcity

by Chuck Kuglen Brene Brown, one of the highest rated and most popular TED speakers of all  time, studied shame, scarcity, and fear for over 6 years. She spoke to a social group I’m part of recently and Brene spoke about how those 3 issues lead to vulnerability (or not) in our personal and professional lives. Brene Brown’s talk was, for me,  one where she challenged each of us to better understand our own shame,...

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