Simple Tricks to Immediately Boost Your Confidence

  Here’s a great read about boosting your confidence. Skill takes time to build. Talent takes time to nurture. So if you want to perform better right now, there’s only one way: Feel more confident. Everyone’s been there. We don’t need research to confirm the more confident we feel the better we perform. Of course actually finding that dose of confidence, especially when we need it most, is the real trick. I’ve written about the...

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Do You Project Confidence and Competence?

by Terry Gault When I came across this article from Chief Learning Officer magazine on projecting confidence and competence as a leader, I was struck by how many of the suggestions are things we already cover in our workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions. Here are six do’s and don’ts of which learning leaders should be mindful. Do’s Do keep your head level. In the business world, one of the best ways to project executive presence is to keep...

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