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Stop Conflict At Work Now With The Power Of Story

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Sabina Nawaz Not getting along with a colleague at work? You’re not alone. From petty politics, to underhanded power moves, to shirking teammates, the office environment seems like a Petri dish designed to breed conflict. And conflict comes at a high cost: for employees, that cost is wasted time and unhappiness; for organizations, workplace conflicts cost hundreds of billions of dollars. A study of 5,000 employees in...

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Conflict Zones – Navigating Conflict with Clarity

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Erica Groschler of TPS Consulting When you hear “conflict” which of these statements ring true for you? a)      Oh no, conflict is bad b)      Conflict should be avoided c)      It’s better not to stir the pot d)      Someone did something wrong e)      Bring it on! Most of us are not comfortable engaging in conflict – whether at work or in our personal lives.  The messages...

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10 Commandments of Empathetic Paraphrasing

It’s always satisfying when a protege imagines something their mentor never has.  It means they truly understand and have fully assimilated the learning from their mentor. That’s the case with this blog post. by Terry Gault Summer Thommen started working with us in late 2011 and did a yeoman’s job in her first gig at GE Healthcase in January 2012.  It was working together on that gig that I first glimpsed how much talent she really...

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