Conversational Habits That Kill Credibility

Great advice from Geoffrey James | Inc. Magazine Dressing for success may create a good impression, but people judge your intelligence and credibility based upon what comes out of your mouth. Here are eight verbal habits that immediately mark you as somebody who’s either foolish or shifty: 1. Jargon Jargon (aka “biz-blab”) consists of hijacking normal words and using them in odd ways to make them sound “businessy.” Example: “We’re reaching out to our customer advocates...

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The Complete Manager

by Chuck Kuglen We’ve all had “less than stellar” managers and this is why many leave their jobs.  You can fill in the blanks on what great or “complete” managers do. I saw 10 things recently in Talent Management Magazine article by Helene Lollis: In that article, Lollis said that “The Complete Manager is….. Credible An active follower An effective networker Skilled at giving and receiving feedback Attuned to corporate culture A proactive career planner...

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Never Ask ‘Does That Make Sense?’

Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post by Jerry Weissman Just as a chef is attuned to the subtleties of flavor and trends in the culinary arts, a presentation coach is attuned to the subtleties of language and trends in the communication art. One trend I’ve noted recently is the expression, “Does that make sense?” often used by a speaker during a conversation — or a presenter during a presentation — to check whether the...

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Executive Communicator: Influence an Executive Audience

  A New Offering from The Henderson Group Executive Communicator: Influence an Executive Audience Sept. 19 – 20, 2011 in San Francisco   Participants learn: Executive Presence – How To: Make the right first impression Empathize with functional executives according to their diverse business drivers Establish rapport with superiors and their superiors   Executive Communication – How To: Assess group dynamics quickly and cultivate support Modify dialog style according to each executive Anticipate and navigate...

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The King’s Speech

by Terry Gault YouTube / Red Carpet Diary – via Iframely Last December, I was charged with coming up with some kind of celebration to commemorate the launch of  It didn’t take long to think of the idea of going to dinner and a movie. When it came time to choose a movie, I tried polling the attendees and the front runner was Secretariat. Then while riding in the car one day listening to Fresh Air...

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Iraq Vet Presentation on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

by Terry Gault I usually stay away from politics in this blog.  However, when I caught this interview while channel-surfing in my hotel, I was immediately impressed with the presentation skills of this highly articulate soldier who I am proud to refer to as an American service man: Former Army Captain Anthony Woods.  If nothing else his authentic, direct, confident style shows up in impeccably articulated and succinct responses to any possible objection.  He has given this topic a...

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The Hottest New Job in Public Relations: Chief Content Officer

Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post by Greg Matusky Gregory FCA Communications I’m going to make a call. In three to five years, a new member of the C-suite will emerge. He or she will work shoulder to shoulder with CMOs and CEOs. The job description will look nothing like we have ever seen. They will be called chief content officer.  Their purpose will be to originate and share a constant stream of information...

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10 Highest-Paid Public Speakers In the World

Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post by Online How much would you pay to see your favorite celebrity, politician or business leader speak? For some businesses and organizations, the answer is a lot more than you’d expect. Here, we’ve pulled together some of the biggest payouts ever made for keynote speakers, though it has to be said that it may not be a definitive list as some speakers don’t disclose their fees openly....

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