It’s Always About The Customer

by Nicole Henderson We’ve covered The Creation Myth before; the collective “Who We Are” story that spells out Who We Are and What We Stand For as an organization, but I recently ran across an interesting article from Inc. that asks the question, “Why are you wasting everyone’s time telling your company’s story?” Geoffrey James reminds us: But in business, it’s never about you.  It’s always about the customer. Ironically, call centers are full of...

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You can’t handle the truth!

by Terry Gault During a recent conversation with David, a client, we were discussing giving feedback to service providers online.  David noted that he uses a developer in Malaysia (or was it Singapore?) for an app he wanted to build.  He said this developer (Let’s call him Sam) to be “the best developer he’s ever known”.  Recently, Sam asked David to give him some feedback using a numbered survey.  He gave Sam a 5 (out of...

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