Powerful Communication Techniques

10 ways to have a better conversation Celeste Headlee is a radio host on Georgia Public Radio, Public Radio International, and WNYC.  She has some great advice on how to have great conversations with people. The only disclaimer I feel compelled to make is in regards to her statement that repeating “back what you just heard or summarize it … is crap.” I say that because the most powerful communication technique that I have learned...

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Sympathy vs. Empathy: Which helps build connection?

by Terry Gault of The Henderson Group The Henderson Group delivers several workshops focused on creating dialogues with customers, partners, co-workers, family and friends. Complete Communicator Mastering TeleSales Consultative Communication Consultative Selling In all of them, the distinction between Empathy and Sympathy is important.  One helps build connection, rapport and trust.  The other creates disconnect and, possibly, resentment. This 2:53 video by Brene Brown reveals which works … and which doesn’t. photo credit: Sean MacEntee

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“The Single Most Important Question Ever”

Intro by Terry Gault Article by David Burk of The Electron Shop This article touches on a technique that we’ve been preaching to our clients for about 2 decades. In fact, I refer to it as “the most powerful communication technique I have ever learned.” I also refer to it as “the most underutilized communication technique I have ever learned.” If you are practicing it regularly, it will transform your communications with others in a...

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Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here’s How to Know.

by Chuck Kuglen of The Henderson Group Emotional Intelligence has a direct correlation to how we all represent ourselves. It’s said that you get your first job out of college or grad school based on what you know, your knowledge, school, etc. However, people move up and get promotions, more money, and responsibility based on Emotional Intelligence. Here’s a great article by Travis Bradberry with Inc.com on the qualities of emotional intelligence. When emotional intelligence...

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Offer Empathy, Not Sympathy

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Denise Green of Brilliance Inc. How do You Handle the Dark Truth? When you have something private and emotionally powerful weighing on you, who do you go to? Hopefully you have someone in your life you can tell almost anything to. One way to assess how good a leader, friend, partner, or coach you are is to gauge how much truth people share with you. I’m lucky...

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Listening Styles and Strategy

Over 95% of the workforce must interact with others in order to do their jobs, and communication skills are the number one factor affecting employee relationships with customers, leaders and colleagues.  In this post, Lindsay Bell outlines a few important listening skills and strategies to improve communications. In all relationships, business or pleasure, communicating is not so much about what you are saying, but what those listening to you are hearing. And since social media...

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10 Commandments of Empathetic Paraphrasing

It’s always satisfying when a protege imagines something their mentor never has.  It means they truly understand and have fully assimilated the learning from their mentor. That’s the case with this blog post. by Terry Gault Summer Thommen started working with us in late 2011 and did a yeoman’s job in her first gig at GE Healthcase in January 2012.  It was working together on that gig that I first glimpsed how much talent she really...

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Bridging the Skills Gap: Solutions that Work

by Terry Gault “I want them to pick up the phone instead of hiding behind email and e-systems to communicate.” The following article points out that today’s customer service professionals are challenged by the dynamics of today’s post-internet marketplace.  Customers are more discerning, better informed, and place increasing demands on the sophistication and skill level of service and support teams. Such teams are woefully under-skilled in the ability to express empathy for customers.  They use...

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The Power of Reciprocity

by Terry Gault No good discussion on influence and persuasion can go very far without talking about the man who wrote the book on influence…literally. Before retiring in 2009, Dr. Robert Cialdini was the Regents’ Professor of Psychology and W.P. Carey Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Arizona State University. His book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, was first published in 1984 and is one of the seminal works on persuasion in marketing (and in life)....

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Complete Communicator – June 2010, San Francisco

Once a quarter The Henderson Group holds a “By Invitation Only” Complete Communicator workshop in San Francisco, led by our VP of Services, Terry Gault.  The next one is scheduled for June 24-25, 2010. Our work has to be experienced to truly understand its value.  We use these workshops as a way to introduce our work experientially to new prospective clients.

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