The Fear Factor: Mastering the Fear of Public Speaking, Part I

by Terry Gault Most people’s anxiety about public speaking stems from the desire not to look foolish or stupid in front of their peers, clients or others in the proposed audience. They fear that their mind will go blank or their performance will be inadequate to impress others. Being humiliated can injure the ego. It can really ruin your day. That presentation you have carefully crafted may sound great in front of your mirror at...

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Growth or Fixed Mind-Set?

     Carol Dweck, a Psychology Professor at Stanford, has written a book titled, "MindSet: The New Psychology of Success." She posits that one’s mindset is a greater determinant of one’s ability to succeed than talent. She outlines 2 different mindsets: The Fixed Mind-Set and the Growth Mind-Set. A fixed mindset is one in which you view your talents and abilities as… well, fixed. In other words, you are who you are, your intelligence and...

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The Path to Presentation Peace – Mindfulness and Stillness

by Terry Gault I was fascinated by Patricia Leigh Brown’s story in the NY Times about mindfulness practice being used in public schools: In the Classroom, a New Focus on Quieting the Mind Mindfulness, while common in hospitals, corporations, professional sports and even prisons, is relatively new in the education of squirming children. But a small but growing number of schools in places like Oakland and Lancaster, Pa., are slowly embracing the concept — as...

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The Power of Stillness and Silence

I am becoming a big fan of Garr Reynold’s blog, Presentation Zen. His most recent post is titled, “When there is no quiet, there can be no loud.” He uses an interesting YouTube video called the “Loudness War” to demonstrate that “dynamic range” not only applies to the impact of good musical audio engineering but presentation style as well. The Wikipedia entry on dynamic range states: “… a good quality audio reproduction system should be...

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Radical Transparency and Authenticity

The cover story “The See-Through CEO” for the April 2007 issue of Wired Magazine addresses a new philosophy in business driven largely by blogs and the internet. They call it “Radical Transparency.” The article argues that it is impossible to control the image of your business anymore. ” ‘You can’t hide anything anymore,’ Don Tapscott says. Coauthor of The Naked Corporation, a book about corporate transparency, and Wikinomics, Tapscott is explaining a core truth of...

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