The Art of Feedback: Guidance and Criticism

It’s easy to assume that pointing out a mistake constitutes as feedback, and to an extent it does, but that’s similar to telling your partner it’s raining outside and not handing them an umbrella. Feedback is instructive language that positively influences behavior. It has an assumed intrinsic benefit: it provides knowledge on how to improve what we do and how we do it. It helps us grow and become better. This value can be easily...

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You can’t handle the truth!

by Terry Gault During a recent conversation with David, a client, we were discussing giving feedback to service providers online.  David noted that he uses a developer in Malaysia (or was it Singapore?) for an app he wanted to build.  He said this developer (Let’s call him Sam) to be “the best developer he’s ever known”.  Recently, Sam asked David to give him some feedback using a numbered survey.  He gave Sam a 5 (out of...

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Top 5 reasons why communication in the workplace fails

by Chuck Kuglen I was recently given a UK-based article about the “top 5 reasons communications” fail in the workplace. Other than some inappropriate spaces and odd spellings from the writer in our motherland, I’d add a very few critical and obvious caveats to the conversation. And an action or two. I’m a very short attention span person, if there is not some sort of call to action I’ll likely do nothing! First, in my...

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Spotlight: Feedback in Business Communication

The ability to both give and receive candid performance feedback is critical in highly dynamic, fast-moving organizations. 4 Steps to Flawless Feedback: Dialogue and Defense It Pays to Be Candid: 10 Tips on Business Communication Receiving Feedback: Communication Skills photo credit: clagnut

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Great Sales Managers Work Like Minor League Coaches

by Chuck Kuglen We recently met with a Sales Consulting Manager (call him Ron) from one of our clients The story is interesting for me personally as I’d somewhat “pre-judged” Ron. I saw him as another “corporate ego type” that you often find in larger tech companies. They love to talk about how great they are. I think I was wrong about Ron. Instead I found a guy who has become a wonderful manager...

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The Complete Manager

by Chuck Kuglen We’ve all had “less than stellar” managers and this is why many leave their jobs.  You can fill in the blanks on what great or “complete” managers do. I saw 10 things recently in Talent Management Magazine article by Helene Lollis: In that article, Lollis said that “The Complete Manager is….. Credible An active follower An effective networker Skilled at giving and receiving feedback Attuned to corporate culture A proactive career planner...

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Upcoming Workshop Dates

Once a quarter The Henderson Group holds a “By Invitation Only” Complete Communicator and Art of Presentation workshop in San Francisco, led by our VP of Services, Terry Gault.   Complete Communicator June 21-22, 2012 in San Francisco   Art of Presentation May 31-June 1, 2012 in San Francisco   Apply now or Contact us for more information

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What’s My Motivation? Employee Satisfaction

This article reminds us that money is not a good motivator for employee retention and satisfaction.  This article shows clearly that providing candid, ongoing feedback is FAR more important if you want to have motivated and happy employees. Why tomorrow’s Wall Street leaders don’t like bonuses …Managers have long believed that the prospect of a bonus can motivate young workers to work harder and smarter, even in a year like this one, when bonuses are...

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Watch the Game Film

 by Terry Gault This piece from FastCompany magazine highlights a practice we’ve been using since our inception: videotaping our clients. Whether you are being coached on your listening, presentation, or dialogue/questioning skills, being able to see and hear exactly how you come across and to hear precisely what you did and did not say, is critical. The use of video often results in some of the most powerful feedback you will ever receive on your...

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LiveStrong Messenger Award Speeches

by Terry Gault When one of my clients sent me this video of his speech with Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong organization, I was moved and inspired.  Also, I felt proud.  Proud for whatever small role I had played in Brad’s transformation.  Here’s the feedback that I gave Brad after watching his video: I liked the Minnesota line that he started with.  That was charming and got a nice laugh. I did hear some verbal filler –...

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