Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here’s How to Know.

by Chuck Kuglen of The Henderson Group Emotional Intelligence has a direct correlation to how we all represent ourselves. It’s said that you get your first job out of college or grad school based on what you know, your knowledge, school, etc. However, people move up and get promotions, more money, and responsibility based on Emotional Intelligence. Here’s a great article by Travis Bradberry with on the qualities of emotional intelligence. When emotional intelligence...

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The 7 Habits of Incredibly Smart People

Incredibly smart people aren’t always born that way, but rather are constantly working to improve their intelligence. Here are 7 ways that you can get smart fast in a great post from From the time you were little, your parents told you to be smart. Most people want to consider themselves smart; certainly no one likes to feel stupid. But sadly, it’s difficult to determine if you were acting smart in a given situation...

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Presenting Makes You Smarter

by Terry Gault When I read this recent piece in Wired Magazine, I thought, “Yes!  That’s what I’ve been thinking for years!” The article makes the point that when people are called upon to present their reasoning to others, it actually improves their cognitive ability. “GOING FROM AN AUDIENCE OF ZERO TO AN AUDIENCE OF 10 IS SO BIG THAT IT’S ACTUALLY HUGER THAN GOING FROM 10 PEOPLE TO A MILLION. … a group of...

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