Do your sales opportunities have a single point of failure? Triangulate!

Here’s a great read from Julie Thomas from Value Selling When a power outage occurs, entire infrastructures are knocked offline.  Communication becomes difficult,  businesses halt, and a difficult travel commute becomes near impossible. We wonder what the cause is: Is it the weather or is something more sinister taking place? It usually turns out to be a single point of failure. One small error that sets in motion a cascade of power outages across a huge region. Outages shouldn’t...

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3 Keys To Professional Success At Any Age

by Chuck Kuglen I was thinking about the many people in transition we meet. They come to us for help in how they represent themselves (their product, service, company, etc.). They also seek help connecting to new opportunities or jobs. I enjoyed this read and understand exactly about the “types” J.T. O’Donnell describes in her online article. Good solid read. Please let us know if you have any questions or needs around your own “representations” and where...

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