24 hours of PowerPoint Improv Comedy, Sept 17-18, San Francisco

Our Speechless marathon starts this Saturday at HERE Collective!  The 24 hour event will be filled with improvised talks from Speechless’ favorite past presenters from the worlds of comedy and corporate America as well as special guests and audience volunteers. Tickets: http://goo.gl/dZ7gim  Questions: Chuck Kuglen 415.292.7587 Speechless Marathon. 24 Hours. 144 Presentations. No Sleep. Speechless, the hit comedy show that pokes fun at PowerPoint, is pulling an all nighter as the grand finale of the San Francisco...

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September Art of Prezi Workshop with The Henderson Group

We have a couple of seats left for the Sept. 22-23 Art of Prezi in San Francisco.  We’re also beginning to fill upcoming Art of Prezi workshops.  Please contact Chuck at 415-292-7587 or send us a message at the bottom of this post for more information or to reserve a seat. Art of Prezi with Terry Gault and Summer Thommen in San Francisco, CA. Prezi is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to stale and tedious...

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Dual-purpose PowerPoint deck for presenting and a handout

by Terry Gault Yes, Virginia, there is a way to make a PowerPoint deck that works as a projected presentation AND a printed handout. This topic has come up in conversations with clients twice over the last month.  Guess it’s time to do a blog post. First, it’s important to understand that every PowerPoint slide has 2 parts to it. The image that will be projected on the screen – what is typically called “the...

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The Power of Graphics/Visuals

by Chuck Kuglen Sitting in the “Executive Communicator” course we delivered the other day, I noticed a couple graphics that had extreme power. They were so good that you did not need to read about them or even describe (in bullets or otherwise) what they represented to a topic. Also, as a lazy sales and business development person, I “gestalted” that I should use graphics more to convey messages to people. Instead of writing about...

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Scott Berkun hates prezi. We love it. Who’s right?

by Terry Gault I admire Scott Berkun.  Let me say that right upfront.  His book, Confessions of a Public Speaker is a terrific read with lots of valuable tips, techniques, and ideas for speakers and presenters.  And anyone who can get their book published by O’Reilly Media deserves notice, especially if the book is focused on a ‘soft’ skill (I hate that phrase, BTW, as presenting and public speaking are actually quite HARD). But I think Berkun has missed...

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Is it finally time to ditch PowerPoint?

I came across this post at Presentation Zen – Garr Reynold‘s awesome blog.  The post is from 2007 and the article was suggesting that the disappearance of PowerPoint might be upon us but here on the dawn of 2012, it’s still going strong. Last week an article appearing in The Sydney Morning Herald entitled Researcher points finger at PowerPoint generated quite a stir. The article highlighted findings by researchers from the University of New South Wales,...

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‘Visual Storytelling’: New Language for the Age of Data Overload

We now live in a world where information is potentially unlimited. Information is cheap, but meaning is expensive. Where is the meaning? Only human beings can tell you where it is. We’re extracting meaning from our minds and our own lives.  -George Dyson Great article on Information Graphics in Context and the visual vocabulary of storytelling from The Atlantic! photo credit: vancouverfilmschool

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Question: PowerPoint use = Fail?

by Terry Gault The only reason people use PowerPoint is because they have no power and they have no point. Attributed to Katy Keim, CMO, Lithium Erin Korogodsky from Lithium, shared this quote with me during our Art of Presentation workshop last week in San Francisco. Erin’s abundant charm made me laugh.  Her reference to the quote also reminded me of another quote that I read in the article “DoesPowerPoint Make You Stupid?” from Presentations magazine March...

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