Sales Training 2017 Outlook: Content, Access and Relevance

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Content Raven Sales training is a $5 billion dollar industry, according to Sales Performance International and companies spend as much as $30,000 or more training individual sales reps. We know that sales training is big business with big investments. In 2016, sales trainers realized that the high cost instructor-led training sessions that take sales teams out of the field and seat them in conference rooms was ineffective.  In...

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5 Ways E-Learning Enables Effective Sales Training

Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post by Content Raven Sales trainers are smart people. They know when something is broken, and if The Bridge Group is correct and sales reps are only meeting their quota half of the time, then something is very broken.  It is clear that sales kick off events, in-room presentations, and mandated day-long training sessions are not working for the 50 percent of today’s sales learners who are failing to...

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Do your sales opportunities have a single point of failure? Triangulate!

Here’s a great read from Julie Thomas from Value Selling When a power outage occurs, entire infrastructures are knocked offline.  Communication becomes difficult,  businesses halt, and a difficult travel commute becomes near impossible. We wonder what the cause is: Is it the weather or is something more sinister taking place? It usually turns out to be a single point of failure. One small error that sets in motion a cascade of power outages across a huge region. Outages shouldn’t...

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The Three Lies That Keep You From Getting More Sales

Hey everyone, Terry Gault here, RC Peck approached me with his 3 question sales technology at the end of last year.  I wanted what he was promising… increased revenue with less effort. So we hired him in January 2014. Since that time, we’ve had our two best consecutive quarters and are on track to have our best year since Chuck and I bought the business in 2009.  Not only that but the process feels easy...

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7 Things Really Persuasive People Do

Sometimes you absolutely have to make your point. Here are 7 tips on how to do it effectively with style and grace from While many people don’t like to sell, most find themselves having to persuade someone at some point. Persuasion is not just for salespeople and their prospects. You may try to persuade an employee to perform better, or perhaps you want to persuade your boss to take on your brilliant idea. Often...

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All Markets Are Online Dating Markets

In today’s world of 9-second attention spans, our introductions mean more-than-ever before. Sally Hogshead reveals the seven triggers of fascination and how to get others to fall in love with your ideas, instantly. YouTube / TEDx Talks – via Iframely

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Words to Sell By

By Chuck Kuglen Reading Time: 1 minute In 1989 I saw this list for the first time. It was given to me in an early tech sales job from a mentor (Greg Herrera). It’s amazing to me how great tips live on in your life! I always turn to this when starting a new project or job. Or when I’m stuck. I hope something here resonates for you. Always understand the business issues. People buy...

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Executive Communicator: Influence an Executive Audience

  A New Offering from The Henderson Group Executive Communicator: Influence an Executive Audience Sept. 19 – 20, 2011 in San Francisco   Participants learn: Executive Presence – How To: Make the right first impression Empathize with functional executives according to their diverse business drivers Establish rapport with superiors and their superiors   Executive Communication – How To: Assess group dynamics quickly and cultivate support Modify dialog style according to each executive Anticipate and navigate...

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Video converts: 46% increase in conversion rate

Through his website, personal trainer Carl Juneau teaches men the best ab exercises for getting six pack abs. Carl heard his top competitor doubled his sales after he started to use video to market and demonstrate his products so he decided to use Visual Website Optimizer to test video on this website. Carl carried out three split tests which conclusively proved that videos increased conversions on his website by as much as 46%. Read...

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10 Highest-Paid Public Speakers In the World

Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post by Online How much would you pay to see your favorite celebrity, politician or business leader speak? For some businesses and organizations, the answer is a lot more than you’d expect. Here, we’ve pulled together some of the biggest payouts ever made for keynote speakers, though it has to be said that it may not be a definitive list as some speakers don’t disclose their fees openly....

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