Strategic Questioning: Sales Process

“We are usually convinced more easily by reasons we have found ourselves than by those which have occurred to others.” – Blaise Pascal. Is strategic questioning part of your sales process? Successful sales people involve the client by asking questions, then listening to the client’s answers. A key aspect in a successful sales person’s process, drawing the client into the process works far better than spouting a packaged sales pitch. A sales person who does...

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Voice Mail Strategy

In these days of seldom speaking to a human when we make a phone call, we need to have a successful strategy for dealing with voice mail. Since business people receive dozens of voice mail messages a day, their time is too valuable to spend it listening to some sales person ramble on.   Your voice mail message must be the one that generates a response. A call back.  BEST VOICE MAIL PRACTICES Plan what...

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Top 10 Selling Mistakes

If you Google "selling mistakes," most sites that come up list "mistakes in selling houses." To be expected these days, with foreclosures happening faster than a "For Sale" sign can be stuck in the front lawn. But sales are sales and mistakes are mistakes, so here’s a list of a few things not to do, no matter what type of sale you’re trying to make. 1. Be unprepared. Whether you’re selling a house or a...

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How to Make Better Connections

by Terry Gault You may not be a world leader but wouldn’t you like to connect to others in the best possible way — with your clients, your employees, your boss, those in your personal life, even with strangers? And, at least in business, a better connection will reward you with a more competitive edge than the next guy. A better connection with others will also help you maximize the potential in every relationship you have....

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The Elevator Speech

It is almost impossible when meeting acquaintances, friends of friends, business associates, to not be forced to give your "elevator speech." If you are not sure what an elevator speech is, it is just a clever name for a mundane task: answering the ubiquitous question "what do you do?" Nonetheless, while mundane, the elevator speech is quite important; who knows what possible role the person you give your speech to will take in your life:...

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The First Sales Call

The first call is the hardest, especially if it’s a cold call. But cold or warm, remember the potential client’s time is valuable so be brief and be sure you’ve done your research. 1. Listen to the client. Don’t start with how thrilled they’ll be with your product or service. 2. Confirm what you heard by paraphrasing the client’s words. Make sure you understand what they’ve said before you try to move on. 3. Ask...

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