How to Lessen the Sting of Criticism

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Denise Green of Brilliance Inc.   Fragile Beginnings Recently, a client of mine told me he was a little embarrassed about taking criticism personally. He felt that, at his level in the organization, he should have tougher skin, so to speak. I asked him, “So, do you think you’re unusual for taking criticism personally?” I assured him that every client I’ve ever worked with, no matter how...

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Brene Brown on Vulnerability and Scarcity

by Chuck Kuglen Brene Brown, one of the highest rated and most popular TED speakers of all  time, studied shame, scarcity, and fear for over 6 years. She spoke to a social group I’m part of recently and Brene spoke about how those 3 issues lead to vulnerability (or not) in our personal and professional lives. Brene Brown’s talk was, for me,  one where she challenged each of us to better understand our own shame,...

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The Scary Layer Underneath Vulnerability: Shame

by Terry Gault In 1993, I was cast in the title role of an adaptation of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” the poetic philosophical treatise of Freidrich Nietzsche. With 5 weeks left, we were still working on refining the script to its finished form. The language was dense. The play was rich in metaphor and symbolism. I knew the part would be daunting but I’d already played Hamlet. I figured, “This can’t be harder to do than...

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