Storytelling: Super Bowl 2010 Commercials

by Terry Gault We saw some great Super Bowl commercials this year!  My personal favorite was the Google Parisian Love Story ad.  Google nailed it – telling a powerful and moving story with video screen captures entirely with the Google search platform and simple music and sound effects. This endearing video was actually about Google’s products and users, and how they interact, but it won hearts through elements of storytelling. Elements of Effective Stories Reveal...

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Be the Duck: The Key to Calm

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Robert Graham of GrahamComm. January 10, 2007: Apple CEO Steve Jobs was rolling out the iPhone at MacWorld. It was an event that, as he correctly predicted, would “reinvent the phone.” A third of the way through his keynote, however, his slides froze. He tried his clicker. He tried his other clicker. He went to his laptop. Nothing helped. Most people, if rolling out a franchise product...

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Creation Myth: Cirque du Soleil

In over two decades and more than 15 separate productions, Cirque du Soleil has never had a flop. By comparison, 9 out of 10 shows on Broadway — productions aimed at the same sophisticated, big-ticket audience as Cirque — fail to earn back the money invested in them. Cirque’s reputation for never missing is so strong that, in exchange for half the profits, four Las Vegas resorts, as well as Disney World, each agreed to...

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The Creation Myth

by Terry Gault There is a special kind of story that organizations need to be able to tell.  In a way, it is the collective “Who We Are” story meaning that it spells out Who We Are and What We Stand For as an organization. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines ‘myth’ in this way:  A usually traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a...

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Had a blast at the Presentation Camp!

by Terry Gault Rick Evans from HP, Frank and Terry chat before the Presentation Camp begins. —————————————– This last Saturday, Feb. 28, I participated in the very first Presentation Camp at the Stanford campus.  My associate Frank Coppola from The Henderson Group joined me there and we had a great time. I took the opportunity to beta-test a presentation on a topic that I have written about in my book, but have not presented on....

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How to Shed Verbal Filler

by Terry Gault Verbal fillers make a speaker seem less articulate and less sure of themselves and their message. Here are techniques that can help to shed the use of verbal fillers (“uh, um, so, like, you know, basically”, etc.) 1. Video tape or record yourself delivering a presentation or in a conversation. Watch your videotape or listen to the recording once just counting your verbal fillers. It may be painful and embarrassing but can...

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What can a wacky auto dealer commercial teach us about public speaking?

One of my old acting buddies, Matteo Troncone, posted this video on Facebook. It’s an ad he shot for a local auto dealer in San Francisco. I am confident his video was edited heavily for the client. But even if the off-the-cuff remarks were not used in the final video, his willingness to improvise wildly infused his style with so much fun and humor that it simply HAD to come out in the final product....

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Death By Powerpoint – Latest Installment

Alexei Kapterev of Real Time Strategy offers this video on how to make a real impression with your presentations. Following Alexei’s suggestions can bring your presentations, and audiences, to life. Learn more about Speakfearlessly and The Henderson Group here >>

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by Terry Gault Last night I was at Pecha Kucha #30 in SF with Robert Graham of GrahamComm, a fellow presentation trainer.  This was my 3rd time, Robert’s first. I first heard about the event in 2007 when I read an article in Wired.  It first started in Tokyo and there are chapters all over the planet.  However, the SF chapter is the second most active going and just completed their 30th edition.  Pecha Kucha...

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The Big 3 Bailout: Behavior is Communication

I was reminded last week how behavior is commmunication and storytelling.  As people are struggling with unemployment and losing their homes, car companies asking the government for assistance first went to Washington in their private jets.  What kind of message does that send?  What kind of story are you telling? Big 3 Bailout Becomes Big 2 Bailout for the Short-Term

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