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Executive Communicator: Influence an Executive Audience

  A New Offering from The Henderson Group Executive Communicator: Influence an Executive Audience Sept. 19 – 20, 2011 in San Francisco   Participants learn: Executive Presence – How To: Make the right first impression Empathize with functional executives according to their diverse business drivers Establish rapport with superiors and their superiors   Executive Communication – How To: Assess group dynamics quickly and cultivate support Modify dialog style according to each executive Anticipate and navigate...

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Complete Communicator – June 2010, San Francisco

Once a quarter The Henderson Group holds a “By Invitation Only” Complete Communicator workshop in San Francisco, led by our VP of Services, Terry Gault.  The next one is scheduled for June 24-25, 2010. Our work has to be experienced to truly understand its value.  We use these workshops as a way to introduce our work experientially to new prospective clients.

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Tis a Gift to Be Simple

Editor’s Note:  This a guest post by Robert Graham of GrahamComm We’ve all heard the song that begins, “Tis a gift to be simple…”, but it didn’t really hit me what a gift it is until two weeks ago.  I was leading a presentation workshop with a sales team, and they were each giving talks about new products for 2010. They were all fairly good presenters, as they present to clients on a regular basis. ...

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Sales Process and Philosophy

When the customer comes first, the customer will last.    -Robert Half Every sales person has a process. One they’ve learned or created on their own. One they have enhanced or dully repeated time after time. Generally, six steps make up every sales process: Prospect Contact Presentation Proposal Close Transaction This varies slightly, sometimes uses different words, yet basically each sales person needs to find a client and sell something to them. But the success...

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Public Speaking: Connect with your Audience, Part 3 of 3

When you think audience energy might be flagging, or if you wish to orchestrate a collective experience, ask questions which require a physical response. Physical responses have maximum impact. A collective expression of audience viewpoint builds rapport, makes the experience more memorable and paves the way for higher receptivity to your message. What do you do if and when the audience questions you? First of all, a question indicates that at least someone in the...

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Public Speaking: Connect with your Audience, Part 2

Call for audience involvement. How do you find out the audience’s perspective? How do you get them to participate in a dialogue with you? Ask a question. Few things fire up an audience faster than questions. Rather than sitting and judging the speaker, when asked a question, audience members are charged to participate, their minds alive with possibilities. Will they know the answer? Will the question be challenged? How will the presenter respond to the...

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The Henderson Group Announces the Complete Communicator Workshop in San Francisco, Aug. 14-15

We’re issuing a press release for our upcoming By Invitation Only Complete Communicator workshop.  I am including a copy here for any of our readers who may be local and interested in experiencing our work firsthand: Terry Gault, VP of Services for The Henderson Group, defined this workshop as “combining several programs into one intense skills-development program, where employees learn to communicate effectively one-on-one, leading small groups, standing before intimidating executive audiences, and facilitating meetings.” ...

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Strategic Questioning: Sales Process

“We are usually convinced more easily by reasons we have found ourselves than by those which have occurred to others.” – Blaise Pascal. Is strategic questioning part of your sales process? Successful sales people involve the client by asking questions, then listening to the client’s answers. A key aspect in a successful sales person’s process, drawing the client into the process works far better than spouting a packaged sales pitch. A sales person who does...

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The First Sales Call

The first call is the hardest, especially if it’s a cold call. But cold or warm, remember the potential client’s time is valuable so be brief and be sure you’ve done your research. 1. Listen to the client. Don’t start with how thrilled they’ll be with your product or service. 2. Confirm what you heard by paraphrasing the client’s words. Make sure you understand what they’ve said before you try to move on. 3. Ask...

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