3 Simple Rules For Effective Teams

While Kathleen Eisenhardt with the Stanford Graduate School of Business speaks about how focusing on 3 simple rules is a signature of effective teams, the underlying thinking is a best practice for individuals, too. How does this apply to our client’s world?  We coach clients to focus on 3 simple techniques on a daily basis.  A client might be focused on: Using silence instead of verbal filler. This principle applies to any moment when they...

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Win Arguments Without Arguing

Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post by Ron Yu of  ExecCatalyst “Absolutely Not!” Years ago, I was mentally preparing my defense and counter-attack with a peer (I’ll call her Anna). I was the VP of Services and she was running Sales. In order to win a new customer, she wanted to give away “free Services.” It was a typical negotiation situation where she had her position (e.g. “the company needed the revenue and a...

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Our 5 Second Method for Measuring Team Alignment

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Denise Green of Brilliance Inc. Are We Aligned? Have you ever spent an hour or more debating an idea, only to leave the meeting wondering if everyone is “on board?” Or worse, have you ever left a meeting confident that everyone agrees with your plan, only to find out later that you have dissenters whose actions undermine your success? Do you feel like TOO MUCH TIME IS...

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