You can’t handle the truth!

by Terry Gault During a recent conversation with David, a client, we were discussing giving feedback to service providers online.  David noted that he uses a developer in Malaysia (or was it Singapore?) for an app he wanted to build.  He said this developer (Let’s call him Sam) to be “the best developer he’s ever known”.  Recently, Sam asked David to give him some feedback using a numbered survey.  He gave Sam a 5 (out of...

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Top 5 reasons why communication in the workplace fails

by Chuck Kuglen I was recently given a UK-based article about the “top 5 reasons communications” fail in the workplace. Other than some inappropriate spaces and odd spellings from the writer in our motherland, I’d add a very few critical and obvious caveats to the conversation. And an action or two. I’m a very short attention span person, if there is not some sort of call to action I’ll likely do nothing! First, in my...

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