5 Public-Speaking Tips TED Gives Its Speakers

from “Presentation literacy” isn’t an option anymore, according to TED Talks curator Chris Anderson. “It’s a core skill for the 21st century.” Anderson calls presentation and public-speaking skills a “superpower” for those who want to express their ideas. TED talks, which are viewed more than 1 billion times a year, have become the gold standard of public speaking. In his new book, TED Talks, Anderson gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the speakers...

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Vulnerability Improves Audience Perceptions

by Terry Gault In the middle of Maureen Dowd’s column about the recent kerfuffle in the news about the Hillary Clinton bio-pic with Diane Lane and the documentary slated for production by CNN directed by Charles Ferguson, there are two paragraphs that highlight the impact of vulnerability on audiences. You need look no further than “The Queen” — Helen Mirren’s Oscar-winning turn as Queen Elizabeth — to see how reputations can be burnished. After Princess Diana’s...

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Brene Brown on Vulnerability and Scarcity

by Chuck Kuglen Brene Brown, one of the highest rated and most popular TED speakers of all  time, studied shame, scarcity, and fear for over 6 years. She spoke to a social group I’m part of recently and Brene spoke about how those 3 issues lead to vulnerability (or not) in our personal and professional lives. Brene Brown’s talk was, for me,  one where she challenged each of us to better understand our own shame,...

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Vulnerability in Presentation & Leadership

by Terry Gault This video popped up on my Facebook feed so I surfed over to give it a view.  I am struck by a number of elements of presentation and leadership. President Obama: “I’m Really Proud of All of You.” Obama’s humility and vulnerability are very much in evidence in this very informal and spontaneous talk to the young people who worked on his campaign.  Though I would coach him to: Use silence rather...

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The Power of Reciprocity

by Terry Gault No good discussion on influence and persuasion can go very far without talking about the man who wrote the book on influence…literally. Before retiring in 2009, Dr. Robert Cialdini was the Regents’ Professor of Psychology and W.P. Carey Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Arizona State University. His book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, was first published in 1984 and is one of the seminal works on persuasion in marketing (and in life)....

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The Scary Layer Underneath Vulnerability: Shame

by Terry Gault In 1993, I was cast in the title role of an adaptation of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” the poetic philosophical treatise of Freidrich Nietzsche. With 5 weeks left, we were still working on refining the script to its finished form. The language was dense. The play was rich in metaphor and symbolism. I knew the part would be daunting but I’d already played Hamlet. I figured, “This can’t be harder to do than...

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Why doing good is good for business…

By Terry Gault A recent article that I read in Fortune magazine fits nicely with previous posts about transparency, our ethos as a company and the skills that we teach in our Complete Communicator, Consultative Sales, Consultative Communication, TeleSales Mastery, and Conflict Resolution workshops.   There are several excerpts that I wanted to highlight: The world has changed, (Dov) Seidman argues, and winner-take-all strategies are obsolete. He contends that the rise of information technology has made...

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Receiving Feedback: Communication Skills

Receiving frank assessments about ourselves from others is often not easy and can be an emotional experience. Here are a few tips on how best to prepare yourself to receive feedback, to be receptive and to leverage the value of the comments you receive from others. ·  Relax:  Feedback is an adventure of discovery into yourself. Be willing to entertain new ideas about yourself.  Some of the comments you receive might be useful, others not. Even...

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The Secrets of Storytelling: Public Speaking, Part 1

“They’ll remember your story after they’ve forgotten your name.” A client and friend sent me a link to the article The Secrets of Storytelling: Why We Love a Good Yarn from Scientific American a few weeks back, prompting me to revisit the importance of storytelling as a public speaking skill in our blog. The article notes that as a social animal, our brains seem wired to enjoy stories.  One of the many questions explored is...

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