“That’s a Good Question.”

by Terry Gault January 31: that’s a good question A phrase usually indicating that the speaker has absolutely no idea how to answer said question. Often used to stall for time. Photography teacher walking in on students who should be at pep rally: What are you doing here? Sreya: That’s a good question! –Urban Word of the Day   When participants in our presentation skills workshops, respond to an audience question with, “That’s a good...

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Complete Communicator Workshop, March 11-12, 2010

  Once a quarter The Henderson Group holds a “By Invitation Only” Complete Communicator workshop in San Francisco, led by our VP of Services, Terry Gault.  The next one is scheduled for March 11-12, 2010. Our work has to be experienced to truly understand its value.  We use these workshops as a way to introduce our work experientially to new prospective clients.  For more information, contact Chuck Kuglen.

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