Executive Communicator: Influence an Executive Audience


A New Offering from The Henderson Group

Executive Communicator: Influence an Executive Audience

Sept. 19 – 20, 2011 in San Francisco


Participants learn:

Executive Presence – How To:

  • Make the right first impression
  • Empathize with functional executives according to their diverse business drivers
  • Establish rapport with superiors and their superiors


Executive Communication – How To:

  • Assess group dynamics quickly and cultivate support
  • Modify dialog style according to each executive
  • Anticipate and navigate around “political landmines”
  • ”Think on your feet”and handle probing questions and objections effectively


Executive Presentation – How To:

  • Prepare effectively by holding the “meeting before the meeting”
  • Open and close presentations with impact
  • Deliver the right amount of detail without getting bogged down
  • Maintain the engagement of a busy executive audience
  • Use metaphor to make complex concepts easy to understand
  • Avoid presentation pitfalls and “career limiting moves”
  • Influence executive decisions to drive desired business outcomes


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