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How you represent yourself determines your income, sales, and revenue.

How you represent yourself determines your income, sales, and revenue.

Which part of this conversation do you most recognize in your life?

I was working with a client recently and he said something that really made me think.

James, a 45 year old director in his company, was venting about how frustrated he was. “I’m tired and I feel stuck. I’ve been at three different companies and haven’t reached VP level yet…

James thought that moving to a new company would break him free of his ‘position stuckness’ AND hopefully get him promoted to the next level.  But it didn’t happen.

“I want to be a Senior VP.” James said in a very tired voice. He then went on to say, “It’s not my intelligence. It’s not my experience or expertise. I know because I am just as smart as my boss and my bosses boss. And I’m tired of working harder. My wife is already complaining about how hard I am working and nothing has changed.”

I realized that many of my clients use different words to describe their situation but the underlying message is the same: their skills, experience, and expertise cannot help them any more then they already have.

So, what do higher earners with the same skills, expertise and experience do differently from you?

Simple.  They represent themselves differently.  They represent themselves in a very specific way that has the world increase their income, sales, and revenue.

Back to James …

I started working with James.  We worked on how he was representing himself in his meetings with management, partners, peers, and customers.

And then the opportunity presented itself: he was slated to speak to a large group of people in Austin.  I worked with James on how he would represent himself to that group. He (and I) got clear about what he wanted from that engagement. James practiced the techniques I showed him, preparing his new way of representing himself.

About 90 minutes after James finished his talk, his senior vice president approached him, “James, We’re going to be forming a new team.  Would you consider taking on the role of team lead as the new VP?”

So what changed?  Did James get smarter?  No.  Did James express radical new insights?  No.  Did James come up with a brilliant new idea?  No.

What changed was how James represented himself to himself, to the group and to his senior vice president.

If you are serious about increasing your income, sales or revenue for yourself, your team, or your division, then it’s this one difference that makes all the difference.

If you are serious about changing this area of your life, then we are willing to help you.

Give us a call and we can see if we might be a fit.

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