Inspiration trumps clicks

I was very proud of the work of my client, Peter Arvai, the CEO of Prezi. Peter delivered a meaningful talk at the Bits & Pretzels conference in Germany in late September 2015. The video is embedded below.

Notice the presentation best practices that Peter models during the talk:

  • He opens with a compelling personal story that incorporates all the elements of good storytelling:
    Characters, conflict, dialogue, high stakes, and a big helping of personal vulnerability which helps get the audience on his side early on.
  • He uses silence well throughout the talk to build tension and expectation.
  • He uses purposeful movement and gesture to communicate his points effectively. This conveys passion, commitment, and confidence.
  • He speaks with passion and expressiveness to communication his commitment to this topic.
  • And, of course, his Prezi is exemplary with effective visuals augmenting the story he tells throughout.


YouTube / Bits & Pretzels – via Iframely


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