Make Product Demos Rock – Build Them Around A Story

Great example of weaving a story into a product demo.

When I advocate storytelling as an integral part of compelling presentations, I often hear this question from technical presenters (sales engineers, product managers, engineers, etc.): “How do I use stories in product demos?”

Customers don’t use technology products in a vacuum.  They use them to solve real problems, problems they care about solving.  One of the key reasons for doing a product demo is to get the audience to envision themselves using the product.  The intention is to create a feeling of desire – “Ooh!  I want that product!”

Why use storytelling at all?  Why not just present “the facts” without the story?

When we consume a story in the form of a book, movie, TV show, or a presentation, we unconsciously begin to identify with the protagonist of the story.  We begin to feel what they feel and care about how things turn out.  We’re cheering for the hero to succeed.

Without a protagonist in a story facing a problem, the demo becomes abstract.  It’s harder to imagine using the product.  Emotional “buy-in” gets compromised.

The following 3:04 video demonstrates this principle of building the demo around a story.  Check it out.

Microsoft Samsung Smart Home IoT demo with Windows 10 and Cortana

YouTube / – via Iframely


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