For Delegation to Work, It Has to Come with Coaching

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Sabina Nawaz, global CEO Coach Senior leaders want to believe that delegating a task is as easy as flipping a switch. Simply provide clear instructions and you are instantly relieved of responsibility, giving you more time in your schedule. That’s the dream. In reality, we all know it almost never works that way. You’re often forced to step in at the last minute to save a botched deliverable....

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Tales of the Super Survivors – Powerful Stories

In our work, we help clients tell more powerful stories to drive the results they want: more money and more recognition. Effective storytelling isn’t just about how you communicate with others.  It’s also critical in how you communicate with yourself.  The story you tell yourself about your life plays a HUGE role in how your life unfolds. Here’s a powerful example from NY Times columnist David Brooks, one of my favorite columnists.  Tales of the Super Survivors...

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Make Product Demos Rock – Build Them Around A Story

Great example of weaving a story into a product demo.   When I advocate storytelling as an integral part of compelling presentations, I often hear this question from technical presenters (sales engineers, product managers, engineers, etc.): “How do I use stories in product demos?” Customers don’t use technology products in a vacuum.  They use them to solve real problems, problems they care about solving.  One of the key reasons for doing a product demo is...

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3 Simple Rules For Effective Teams

While Kathleen Eisenhardt with the Stanford Graduate School of Business speaks about how focusing on 3 simple rules is a signature of effective teams, the underlying thinking is a best practice for individuals, too. How does this apply to our client’s world?  We coach clients to focus on 3 simple techniques on a daily basis.  A client might be focused on: Using silence instead of verbal filler. This principle applies to any moment when they...

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The Picture Superiority Effect

The picture superiority effect, or pictorial superiority effect is the term that resulted from experiments that have shown that in human memory recall, pictures outperform text dramatically. When information is presented orally, after 3 days, people will only remember 10% of it. But if pictures are added, memory recall improves to 65%. YouTube / DigitalSplashMedia – via Iframely  Learn more at our Art of Prezi workshop >>

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7 Most Memorable Oscar Quotes

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Toastmasters Once the Academy Awards® winners have been revealed, the buzz from Sunday’s Oscars will focus on who was wearing what and what they said in their acceptance speeches. Good or bad, the speeches will be remembered by viewers and live eternally on YouTube. Toastmasters International viewed Academy Award speeches from the last 20 years and selected the seven most memorable speech quotes (in chronological order): When...

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Powerful Communication Techniques

10 ways to have a better conversation Celeste Headlee is a radio host on Georgia Public Radio, Public Radio International, and WNYC.  She has some great advice on how to have great conversations with people. The only disclaimer I feel compelled to make is in regards to her statement that repeating “back what you just heard or summarize it … is crap.” I say that because the most powerful communication technique that I have learned...

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21 Unprofessional Presentation Habits

  What’s the point in giving a presentation if you appear incompetent? Here are some deadly habits you need to avoid. There is little in business life more dreadful than a bad presentation. When someone doesn’t have it together, the pain is excruciating. Often you feel bad for the person presenting, and at the same time you feel resentful because they stole your time and offended your intelligence. The scary part is that many people...

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The Art of Feedback: Guidance and Criticism

It’s easy to assume that pointing out a mistake constitutes as feedback, and to an extent it does, but that’s similar to telling your partner it’s raining outside and not handing them an umbrella. Feedback is instructive language that positively influences behavior. It has an assumed intrinsic benefit: it provides knowledge on how to improve what we do and how we do it. It helps us grow and become better. This value can be easily...

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The Number One Tip for Achieving any Goal

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Brilliance Inc. With all due respect to the marketing gurus at Nike who came up with “Just do it,” a recent member of my group coaching programs said it better. When I asked each participant to share their biggest insight, one brilliant Enterprise Architect said “Just start it.” While Nike’s mantra may respect what drives people to spend money on work-out gear, my client’s mantra actually respects...

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