Remarkable Podcast : Creative Visualization & Overcoming a Speech Impediment

I heard this podcast on the radio a couple weeks back and felt it would be helpful for our blog readers.   This story about Alan Rabinowitz, the author of Jaguar: One Man’s Struggle To Establish The World’s First Jaguar Preserve, is remarkable and very inspiring. First, it provides a great example of the power of Creative Visualization.  This is a technique that we teach in our Art of Presentation course, which are held regularly in our...

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Toastmasters Crowns 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking

Mohammed Qahtani rises above 30,000 participants to win world’s largest speech contest YouTube / Toastmasters – via Iframely It’s worth mentioning some of the techniques that we preach that he exemplifies. He opens with a terrific hook.  He pulls out a cigarette (a prop) and starts to light it.  He causes an emotional response in the audience without saying a word.  His non-verbal expression communicates paragraphs before he finally utters the word, “What?!” He uses...

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September Art of Prezi Workshop with The Henderson Group

We have a couple of seats left for the Sept. 22-23 Art of Prezi in San Francisco.  We’re also beginning to fill upcoming Art of Prezi workshops.  Please contact Chuck at 415-292-7587 or send us a message at the bottom of this post for more information or to reserve a seat. Art of Prezi with Terry Gault and Summer Thommen in San Francisco, CA. Prezi is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to stale and tedious...

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17 Reasons People Aren’t Listening to You

Do you feel sometimes like you are talking to a brick wall? Perhaps you are guilty of one or more of these offenses. Everyone wants to be heard. Sometimes it can be hard to get people’s attention, or get above the noise. There’s nothing worse than having a conversation with people and feeling like you are the only person involved. If you often feel like you are talking to yourself in conversations and meetings, it’s...

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8 Habits of Highly Accountable People

Often you may be responsible but are you accountable? Here are the ways people will really trust you to get things done. It’s a common story. You end a strategic meeting. There are several initiatives on which everyone agrees are important to complete by the end of the quarter. Everyone at the table says they will contribute to get it all done, but when the end of the quarter arrives very little of the list...

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How to Take Your Presentation to the Next Level

Intro by Terry Gault of The Henderson Group Another blog post on storytelling?!? You bet! Because storytelling is a topic that never gets old, in our estimation. The only point they make in this piece from that needs some clarification is bullet 1: “Ask permission before telling a story.” I am not convinced that this is necessary. Asking for permission can backfire in certain settings. If you ask permission (“Can I tell you a...

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Sympathy vs. Empathy: Which helps build connection?

by Terry Gault of The Henderson Group The Henderson Group delivers several workshops focused on creating dialogues with customers, partners, co-workers, family and friends. Complete Communicator Mastering TeleSales Consultative Communication Consultative Selling In all of them, the distinction between Empathy and Sympathy is important.  One helps build connection, rapport and trust.  The other creates disconnect and, possibly, resentment. This 2:53 video by Brene Brown reveals which works … and which doesn’t. photo credit: Sean MacEntee

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The 80/20 Rule Is Dead–and That’s Not A Good Thing (2 of 2)

by Chuck Kuglen of The Henderson Group A tool from a company we’ve been watching of late (Accuvit) offers some interesting input about the “80-20” rule so often utilized by sales trainers. It’s related to anyone who uses the phone in their sales, business development, client contact, service, or post-consulting (well, most of us). First, a recent study suggests that the “80-20” rule, that you should get your customers to talk more than you (up...

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Using Prezi to Remarkable Effect

by Terry Gault of The Henderson Group Hannah Fry, who delivers a very amusing, charming and useful TED Talk on “The mathematics of love”, used Prezi to remarkable effect in illustrating her talk titled:”Top Three Mathematically Verifiable Tips for Finding Love.” One point she makes that would give singletons who, like me are not considered inherently ‘hot’, hope: Being attractive does not directly correlate to getting dates and being known as ‘ugly’ by some can even work in your...

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7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

People with high emotional intelligence tend to do better at work. So what habits do they have that set them apart? It has increasingly become accepted that emotional intelligence is an important factor in our success and happiness, not only at work, but in our relationships and all areas of our lives. So what sets emotionally intelligent people apart? Here are seven habits that people with high EI have: 1. They Focus on the Positive...

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