Powerful Communication Techniques

10 ways to have a better conversation

Celeste Headlee is a radio host on Georgia Public Radio, Public Radio International, and WNYC.  She has some great advice on how to have great conversations with people.

The only disclaimer I feel compelled to make is in regards to her statement that repeating “back what you just heard or summarize it … is crap.”

I say that because the most powerful communication technique that I have learned is called empathic paraphrase which involved paraphrasing or summarizing what someone has said with empathy.  For more on why I believe it’s important, please read these posts:

Understanding Empathic Paraphrase
10 Commandments of Empathetic Paraphrasing

Setting this one little nitpick aside, this is a great talk and offers many wonderful best practices for how to have great conversations with anyone.

YouTube / Maikel Akkermans – via Iframely


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