Presentation Camp … this coming Saturday!

A bar camp event

Just this morning, I learned of a very cool event being held at Stanford this coming Saturday, Feb. 28.

It’s called “Presentation Camp.”  It’s a participatory “open source” conference on Presentation.

Some of my presentation blogging associates including Olivia Mitchell  will be in attendance and I will be there.  Olivia recently wrote a guest post here.

Here’s the shpiel:

What Is It?

It’s a BarCamp, the Open Source Version of a Conference

PresentationCamp is an ad-hoc gathering of passionate folks who want to share, interact and spread the love around the topic of presentation design and delivery. Come to learn, come to share: everyone walks away knowing a little bit more.

No More Death by PowerPoint

Spending your days and nights toiling away on a killer slide set? Need to develop one? Hearing about the new trends set by Nancy Duarte, Guy Kawasaki, Garr Reynolds and others? Wondering if the new trend toward visuals and storytelling are really going to take you to the next level? Did you see a fantastic presentation and want to emulate it?

Yes? Then let’s get together and talk about it.

Is it a Conference?

Yes. It’s your conference. Giving a presentation is open to anyone, and encouraged! Want to talk/present, or see who’s talking? See the Sessions and Schedule below for topics submitted by attendees (and add your own if you’re coming). The event schedule will be determined from 9:30-10:00 AM, and all attendees are invited to host a session. You do not have to host if you don’t want, but it is encouraged. Once the schedule is set, the fun begins! Expect to be engaged, educated, and hopefully entertained as well.

Go here to sign up or learn more.  I hope to see you there and will be posting more after the event.

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