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In our work, we help clients tell more powerful stories to drive the results they want: more money and more recognition.

Effective storytelling isn’t just about how you communicate with others.  It’s also critical in how you communicate with yourself.  The story you tell yourself about your life plays a HUGE role in how your life unfolds.

Here’s a powerful example from NY Times columnist David Brooks, one of my favorite columnists.

 Tales of the Super Survivors

Many people bounce back from traumatic events to be even stronger than before. There are reasons.

In the piece he writes:

Recovering from trauma is mainly an exercise in storytelling … trauma is a shock that ruptures the central story that you thought was your life. The recurring patterns that make up life are disrupted. The sense of safety is lost. Having faced death, people in these circumstances are forced to confront the elemental questions of life.

But some people are able to write a new story … post-traumatic growth comes not from the event but from the struggle afterward to write a new story that imagines a life better than before. Researchers have found that people who thrive after a shock are able to tell clear, forward-looking stories about themselves, while those who don’t thrive get stuck ruminating darkly about the past.

There’s no need to experience trauma to take advantage of this dynamic in shaping the story of your life. Begin working on it now and your future life can and will be shaped by the story you tell.

Rock on, storytellers!

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