The Art of Presentation Remotes

It’s been 8 years since I wrote a blog post about presentation remotes. The devices I recommended are no longer available.

So, clearly it’s time to post again.

All three of these units that we recommend have the basic features that should be standard on presentation remotes:

  • Laser Pointer
  • Go Back
  • Go Forward
  • Black Out the Screen

For all three, the USB receiver is stored in the remote itself and all are plug-and-play. No additional software is required for them to work.

This Logitech remote is one that I own and use. It’s about as full featured as you can get.

It has a built-in countdown timer with a display and vibration alarm. So, you can give yourself a heads-up warning before your presentation time is up.

This is a very similar model without the timer and display. Otherwise, it has all the same functionality. It’s probably a better fit for most users out there.

The one knock on the above units is that all features do NOT work on a Mac.

This Kensington presentation remote is an excellent choice especially for Mac users. It works on both Windows machines and Macs. Plug it in and all the functions work seamlessly. The other thing I like is that it does not need to be turned on to work. (The Logitech remotes above do … which has slowed down my progress on a couple of occasions. Here’s what to do when you run into an obstacle like this.)┬áIt’s very simple with 4 easy buttons.


6 thoughts on “The Art of Presentation Remotes

  1. terrygault Post author

    Thanks very much for the comment, Charlie. That’s great news.

    The Logitech R800 I use doesn’t always work with Macs. It will certainly advance and go back but the blackout function tends to take PowerPoint out of slide show mode.

  2. Karen

    Will the Kensington remote work on an IPad using Keynote?
    What remote would you recommend when using an IPad?


  3. terrygault Post author

    Fred – Thanks for the recommendation. I checked out the product description and the volume control is a handy feature. It’s pretty pricey compared to these other remotes. What else do you like about it?

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