The Three Lies That Keep You From Getting More Sales

Hey everyone, Terry Gault here,

RC Peck approached me with his 3 question sales technology at the end of last year.  I wanted what he was promising… increased revenue with less effort. So we hired him in January 2014.

Since that time, we’ve had our two best consecutive quarters and are on track to have our best year since Chuck and I bought the business in 2009.  Not only that but the process feels easy and I feel like I am spending less time on driving more revenue, not more.

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The Three Lies That Keep You From Getting More Sales by RC Peck

I sometimes joke that three women raised me.

My mom and my two older sisters. Yes, I had a dad. But he was a workaholic, so even when he wasn’t traveling, and he traveled a lot, he would be focused on work when home.

You see, my dad was a career sales person. And he sold for a living. He worked for a company called Siemens Medical Systems. He sold Linear Accelerators, Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines and CAT scanners.

All I could remember growing up is that I did not want to be a sales person. I remember living through some pretty tight years even as a kid, when the sales didn’t fall my dad’s way. There seemed to be a lot of uncertainty in this whole sales-thing and I wasn’t too keen on it.

In fact, sales felt yucky to me and it seemed to load up a lot of anxiety in my body if I were ever to think about it, let alone do it.

So guess what happened?

I grew up.

Started my own company.

And realized that what I just did was become a full time sales person for my own business. It took me a while to realize this but once I did, I wanted to find a better way to sell. One that was extremely effective and had zero yucky emotions for me or the prospect.

So who is this article for?

If you have to bring people to make a choice in a conversation to work with you (or buy from you), then this article was possibly written for you.

It doesn’t matter if the title on your business card has the word “sales” in it or not.

If you have a service/product that is over $1,000 and have to bring people to buy it within a conversation, then you might find value here.

So let me ask you some questions…

Do you sometimes get anxious about having to sell?

Do you feel your service is worth more than what you charge?

Do you love what you do and “sell” because you have to?

Do you feel stuck at your current income despite doing what you’ve been taught?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you may have bought into one of the top lies that has kept you (and many others) from getting more and higher paying clients with less effort.

You see, I was sold a basket of lies about sales. And worst of all, I started telling myself these lies. And as you may know, it’s the lies you tell yourself that are the most damaging.

See if any of these three lies resonate with you…

Lie #1 = sales involves convincing.

The first lie I was told is that I must cause someone to believe firmly in the truth of my service. So, what did I do? When I would talk to people I would spend time and energy on what my services could do for them. I would tell them how amazing the service was and how this would help them.

I later learned that what I was doing was trying to convince them to buy. I’m not sure about you but I hate when someone is trying to convince me of something. In fact, most times this convincing thing distances me from the “convincer”.

You get it? Their convincing actually pushes me away.

And this is what happens in sales all the time. People, knowingly or unknowingly push prospects farther away by attempting to convince them how to solve their problems.

Lie #2 = sales involves cajoling.

The second lie I was taught by the “sales world” was that part of my job when selling was to persuade someone. Persuade them with sustained reasons why my solution was best for them.

The problem I found was this sustained persuading felt more like cajoling. This process felt like I was trying to further my own interest above theirs. It felt bad.

The problem was I didn’t really know what the prospect wanted. Yeah, I knew what they logically wanted. But getting to someone’s logical reasons never results in a sale.

All purchases, be it a candy bar, a flat panel screen TV, or a $1,000,000 consulting service happens when the buyer believes they will have an ‘emotional want’ filled.

And this is what happens in sales.

Sellers act a certain way towards prospects that puts the prospect back on their heels and makes them feel like they need to protect and defend themselves.  Sometimes this protecting happens consciously and sometimes it happens unconsciously.

When people are defending themselves they have their guard up and are most focused on survival (not buying). It’s hard for someone to buy when they are in defense mode don’t you think?

But that is what “sellers” are doing to their prospects all the time.

Lie #3 = sales involves concealing.

The third lie is that sales conversations are somehow different than people just having a conversation. I’m not sure where this lie started but I bought into it early.

I felt that somehow the sales conversation had to have all these “tactics” and “angles” and pressure. I was concealing that I wasn’t just having a conversation with someone.  I was concealing the fact that I was trying to “sell” them.

And that feels bad. It felt bad to me. And it felt bad to them.

See, I thought sales was about convincing, cajoling and concealing. When that didn’t produce I worked harder and bought more information.  You know, did the sales course thing.

No results.

Results come from somewhere beyond –  Something that I was unable to see.  I invite you to the possibility that there is something that you’re not able to see.  Something you don’t know that you don’t know. Something that is so obvious it’s hard to see.

The foundation of sales is conversation.  And understanding this one thing, is the truth that can set you free.

And the foundation of that conversation is curiosity and “Our-we-even-a-fit?” type thinking.

It sounds really simple.

I know that.

And in fact there is more to it…but not much more.

And it’s in getting past the logic and into the emotions of what that person really wants. And when you can have that interaction with the person in a conversation, then amazing things happen to your life and your company’s revenue.

-RC Peck

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