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Let’s face it. The success of a business does not pivot on how amazing their service is. Yes, it has to be good for the business to NOT fail but it’s NOT the key. The key to thriving is knowing how to bring a prospect or client to choose to work with you (on your terms) within a conversation.







“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” is a quote from one of the Einstein boys who had some success as a physicist.

This quote is the driving philosophy behind Einstein Films.

Put simply, we illustrate your complex message in a simple, fun way so that anyone can understand it in 3 minutes or less.



ExecCatalystTM provides leadership development and executive mentoring programs for high-tech companies building their next wave of executives.


Brilliance Inc. helps managers at any level in an organization enhance their ability to have powerful conversations, deepen relationships, and achieve extraordinary results.


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