Top Ten Speeches List

Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post by Michael Thies of the website Spoken Gems.

Now that I have posted over 100 speeches, I think it’s time for a round-up. So, here are my Top 10 posts of the first 100 speeches.

  1. Randy Pausch: The last lecture

    Don’t leave this site until you have seen this lecture. There are no words to describe this.

  2. Steve Jobs: Stanford Commencement Speech

    This is one of the speeches that made me start Spoken Gems. Truly inspirational.

  3. Martin Luther King Jr.: I have a dream

    According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison the most important speech of the 20th century. A must-see for everybody who is interested in public speaking.

  4. J.K. Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure and the importance of imagination

    A beautiful composition of words.

  5. Benjamin Zander: Classical music with shining eyes

    You’ll have shining eyes within minutes. You love classical music but you probably don’t know it yet.

  6. Unknown speaker: Best Man’s speech

     You can see the shadow of a doubt in the bride’s face. Hilarious!

  7. Clifford Stoll: 18 minutes with an agile mind

    A TED talk that you’ll either love or hate.

  8. John Cleese: Eulogy for Graham Chapman (Monty Python)

    This eulogy at the Memorial Service for Graham Chapman was definitely what he would have wanted it to be.

  9. Severn Cullis-Suzuki: At the UN Earth Summit 1992

    This is one of the most impressive speeches, you’ll find here. Severn Cullis-Suzuki was 12 years old when she gave a speech at the UN Earth Summit in 1992.

  10. Carrie Fisher: Roast of George Lucas

    I didn’t know Carrie Fisher was a gifted “roaster”.

  11. Barney Smith: At the DNC 2008

    The bonus speech: Sometimes it takes only one sentence to make the difference between a bad speech and standing ovations.

What is your personal list of top speeches?

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