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How you represent yourself determines your income, sales, and revenue.

“When I first attended your class I was on the verge of being let go from Oracle.   My next review after the class — I was an outstanding contributor.   What changed?   I took your class.  It is the key to success.”

Robert Ranger, Sales Consultant, Oracle – Art of Presentation


“It continues to amaze me at the vast applications of the skills we learned. And those skills have already helped many aspects of my career … In all honesty I did not expect the depth and growth this class experienced. I appreciate your willingness to push people outside of their comfort zone to grow.”

Nancy Gatzman, Oracle – Art of Presentation


“This class has had a very powerful impact on my sales performance. I made it my mission to apply these techniques so I internalized them. The following month I won my biggest deal since joining PTC – $280k. I closed with my best quarter at $570k. Last quarter, I again did my biggest deal to date – $383k. My quarter closed just shy of $600k.  I am a strong believer in this training – best 2 days I could imagine spending in class.”

Rod Nevar, Area Manager, EMC Greenplum Sales– Sales Presentation Mastery

“The response from the Managers has been overwhelmingly the most positive I have seen in the last 2+ years. The only negative comment I have heard was, ‘I wish the session had lasted longer.’  When was the last time your team has asked for training to last longer?”

John Hoffman, Divisional Productivity Manager, EMC Corporation – Consultative Sales


“After one session with The Henderson Group, I immediately rolled out their work throughout the EMC Sales Organization.”

Dan Campbell, National VP of Productivity, EMC Corporation – Consultative Sales, Sales Presentation Mastery, Executive Coaching


“Awesome class, excellent preparation for all aspects of sales management responsibilities, especially communications. I’ll use these skills.”

Doug Stone, District Manager, EMC – Customized Consulting, Executive Coaching



“I gave my presentation last Thursday, and it went great!  Usually the tech-talks are pretty dry — lots of bullet point slides, mostly read by the presenter.  I focused on communicating my message through story … minimize text and bullet points, and used images and diagrams … My manager was impressed.”

Omar Dahroug, Software Engineer, Google – Art of Presentation


“The entire class was great! I truly learned a lot.”

Thomas Ward, Visual Designer, eBay – Conflict Resolution


“The program is very effective in reenforcing a framework to use on a daily basis in your work and personal life. The instructor was very engaging.”

Gunjan Raisingharvi, eBay – Conflict Resolution


“Afternoon exercises were most useful. Best role-playing class I’ve done so far!”

Kristine Chin, Senior Manager, eBay – Conflict Resolution


“This class is useful for employees in any role to learn how to listen, collaborate.”

Irina Sokol, eBay – Conflict Resolution




“The Henderson Group’s coaching and guidance has been invaluable to me over the years. Their emphasis on authenticity in communication helped me greatly with my group presentations and speaking. Their insights into communication also greatly strengthened my communication skills in small groups and one-on-one interactions. I initially hired The Henderson Group to work on my public speaking skills, and soon realized that their communication methods helped me with all forms of professional and personal interactions. The Henderson Group’s ability to customize and tailor their approach to adjust to the different personality types and achieving styles of my team was also very important. I highly recommend working with The Henderson Group.”

Alex Klikoff, Managing Member, Fintan Partners – Executive Coaching




“Appreciate all the feedback and the coaching over the couple of days.  I was able to use what I learned in the workshop last week at a customer meeting and found it very valuable!  It was a great use of our time!”

Brian Blanch, Technical Account Manager, PTC – Art of Technical Presentation


“This workshop is essential for consultants.”

Jennifer Rawat, Senior Consultant, PTC – Art of Technical Presentation


“I believe I will have far more impact as a result of this class.”

Laila Hirr, Program Manager, PTC – Art of Technical Presentation



“I would recommend Terry because of his familiarity with our executives and his experience with executives in the High Tech space.”

Sandra Denton, VP, WW Channels & Alliances, Nlyte Software – Executive Communicator





“I felt my presentation went extremely well. Your coaching was very helpful. It allowed me to improve my timing, interject more stories, channel my energy better and enlist audience participation. I received many compliments from audience members, including all the senior executives. Some even said that my presentation was in the top 3 given all week. Thanks for all your assistance. This was some of the most immediately impactful training I’ve ever received.”

Jim Godsey Sr., Director of Marketing, eBuilder – Executive Coaching






“Groundbreaking, totally unique, powerful.”

Patricia Broderick, Enterprise Account Executive, Marketo – Sales Presentation Mastery, Consultative Sales



“I thought this course would be boring but it was quite the opposite, it was exceptional.”

Danisha Wright, Media Planner, AKQA – Art of Presentation

“Terry conducted one-on-one sales coaching with members of my inside sales team on multiple occasions. His assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the account executives was on target. He worked with me to develop a strategy for my managers and me to address the development needs of the various team members. He then remotely conducted follow up sessions with the account executives. We found this type of individual, targeted training to be much more effective then group sessions that traditionally did not incorporate personal follow up. Terry was a pleasure to work with and very flexible in scheduling. I would highly recommend him to help take your sales organization to the next level of performance.”

Carrie-Anne Mosley (formerly Michos), Regional Vice President, – Consultative Sales







“A great presentation bootcamp with all the basics – several rounds of practice, videotaping, etc. – but transcended that to a deeper level of communication, connection and decision making theory. Completely ZEN.”

Michelle Bonat, CEO and Founder, RumbaFish Technologies, Inc. – Art of Presentation






“Over all, the contents are very helpful for me and help me to identify my blind spots.”

Nancy Chang, Director of Information Services, Trend Micro – Executive Communicator





“I will immediately implement the strategies learned in this workshop – I can’t wait until I get the next opportunity to present in a formal setting. – This would be a great course for everyone in the company to take.”

Jennifer Parker, Account Manager, LexisNexis – Complete Communicator






“The Henderson Group is a superb communications and speaking training organization. They are intelligent, articulate, highly skilled and a pleasure to work with. They have business savvy and are great mentors and coaches. I give them my highest recommendation and endorsement.”

Mark Frost, CEO, Mark Monitor – Executive Coaching





“Out of the 30 different sales training classes I have taken the Henderson group Sales Mastery and Sales Presentation Mastery that Terry Gault delivered have been the most valuable, and have directly increased my sales.”

Jeff Burcham, Serena Software – TeleSales, Sales Presentation Mastery





“The guys did a wonderful job on Wednesday after the Tuesday session and it was a huge benefit!!!”

Kim Perdikou, EVP, Office of CEO, Juniper Networks, Inc. – Art of Presentation



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