Words to Sell By

By Chuck Kuglen

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In 1989 I saw this list for the first time. It was given to me in an early tech sales job from a mentor (Greg Herrera). It’s amazing to me how great tips live on in your life! I always turn to this when starting a new project or job. Or when I’m stuck. I hope something here resonates for you.

  • Always understand the business issues. People buy from you when you can help their business. They don’t buy neat technology.
  • Never stop learning. You can never have too much product knowledge. You can use too much, but w/knowledge will come confidence and credibility. Also, you are responsible for improving your knowledge and skills. Don’t wait for your company to help you.
  • Keep the energy level high. Successful salespeople usually run at a fast pace. Don’t slow to group pace and remember that making more calls gets you more sales.
  • Keep the highest ethics. Enough said.
  • Manage your time well. Use channels, field reps, support, marketing, etc. —- professionally and respectfully.
  • Be a team player. Others will then help you. No one specific deal or issue is worth losing the trust of your team and manager. Also, don’t close 3 of 3 opportunities if you can close 15 of 30. That means get and use leverage.
  • Teach each customer/prospect like it’s your only one. You only lose a customer once. Never tell them they are wrong.
  • Reference sell. Know each application in your territory. Know how it benefits the customer. Offer those same benefits to every acct in your patch that has a similar need. Share references and what you learn with others.
  • Work Hard, but smart.
  • Have Fun!!

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